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Just Added: Now includes detailed sections on qualifying for disability, getting through the approval process, how to find affordable housing,  supplementing your income and making sure you're receiving all the benefits you're entitled to!


     If you've spent even 30 seconds searching for Disability answers, you know there's countless web pages that send you on a wild goose chase making it difficult to find what your looking for....

     So if you're interested in ALL The Disability Answers in one place from a trusted source, you're going to be thrilled you landed on this page....  Here's why:

My name is Brian Therrien, and I'm a professional researcher.  So when a number of my friends went through unexpected downturns in their life and required disability assistance, I left no stone unturned to try and help them.

     At first, I was concerned with how to qualify for disability, but as I learned more about the system, I realized that people also really needed help with getting approved, maximizing their benefits, and how to supplementing their income without losing their benefits.

     That's why when you subscribe to my FREE disability digest newsletter you'll get concrete help with ALL the issues you'll encounter in the disability system Including,

"Qualifying For Disability"

  How to find out whether you qualify,
  Which specific conditions count
  Discover 6 Tips maximize your chances 
  Where to find the appropriate Application, 
  Why to avoid applying for disability online!
  Learn the exact wording to for your application, 
  Find out if self employed people can be approved  
  Find out WHO decides what constitutes a disability,
  See how to get your disability reinstated,   
  How to survive the wait until you're approved, 
  Discover how other income affects your benefits
  How to apply for disability assistance for your child 
  How to hold your head high and get respect!
Tips to Speeding Up the Approval Process

          Plus Detailed Sections All About
Reliable ways to supplementing your disability,  How much you can make & keep your benefits,
How to start a business with no money down! 
How to maximizing your disability check,
Qualifying for disabled grants,
How to find affordable housing,
All about disability acts & laws,

     This Disability Digest is the result of 18 months of research and almost 1,200 interviews.  It includes 24 detailed sections on with the very latest facts all about Disability.. plus essential resources to help you cope with your disability, 

     And because this report is supported by advertisements I don't charge anything at this time....its just like radio, all kinds of music with a few adds mixed in..

Yes, you read it right!

I'll give you every thing I've published on disability for FREE Right Now strings attached.  PLUS, I'll ALSO send all the resources I have found to help you cope with your disability, absolutely free!

     I'll bet you've never seen this stuff anywhere before. And I'll hold nothing back.

     Just complete all the registration questions below (many of them are simple and easy multiple choice) and type your most important questions in the little box below... ask me whatever question will help you the most.

    Having a Disability Digest membership will give you the peace of mind that you have access to everything you need to know to survive even thrive in life. 

     Thanks for putting your trust in me I will not let your down.


Brian Therrien
Charlotte, Vermont

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"Disability approved in 2 months"


This knowledge helped me get my disability in 2 months,

Darlene Wick 
Bancroft, WV

"Psychosociologist  Gets Several Approved in Months"


I assist patients in filing for SSDI, 

The info is very helpful. Several patients have recently been approved in 2 months.

Dr. Judy R. McClary
Chesapeake, Virginia

"I'm supplementing my Income from home THANKS!"

Just wanted to take this opportunity  to thank The Disability Digest for the Great work they do.

I've been on benefits for years and often end up with more month than money. Now thanks to the Disability Digest I'm supplementing my Income from home.

Thank you VERY much Brian and The Disability Digest for the Great work you do!
Dennis Berry


I'm excited to be able to get your disability info, I used your Free Housing Guide to relocate to my dream home next to my family

I had great success even with my limited 
computer skills, other sites have just been a
mystery to me .

Thanks So Much! 

Carol Grant 
Charlotte NC

"Approved, first try"

Hi Brian, 

I was approved on the first try using some  information from your e-mails. Your right about how they don't care about what your disability is, but how it stops you from working ANY kind of job. 

Mark H.
Sacramento CA
P.S. Did not need a lawyer

"Your information has helped me survive"


These emails are so helpful, I am really struggling financially and your information is helping me find resources that I had no idea I was entitled to. 

I was terminally ill for four years and your information has helped me survive. I cannot thank you enough. 


p.s.  Suffering from a condition or being disabled can certainly cause limitations, but the good news is that there really are government programs to assist you, they just don't tell you about them!
That's why the Disability Digest is one FREE Disability resource you really can't afford to do without.  Just fill in the form below to get started right away:

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 your situation is and what information
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     This resource really is free, and consists of dozens of articles, audio interviews, and videos of experts and resources I've hunted down for you (delivered via email, audio, regular mail, and websites).  I have sponsors who help fund this ongoing work (you'll see their advertising on my sites), and I'll occasionally recommend a paid resource if I've thoroughly reviewed it and found that it meets a specific need.

"Just received those magic words"

Dear Brian Therrien,

I just received those magic words today. She said she was from Social Security and she ask me to verify a couple of things on my application. Then she said she was calling me to tell me that my Claim was approved.

I have been reading some of your e-mails and listening to the recorded calls and learned the main thing is give them everything you can, be straight about why you can no longer function, and then back it up with dates, Dr's, medical records, tests, days missed work, how many times and etc. SS. loves lots of paperwork, especially if it help them to see your problems and why you can no longer work.
Brian Thanks if you did not have that message in there I may still be waiting. Brian tell your people give Social Security more then what's needed and be sure to keep copies, I had to answer some of their question three times! 


Concord, CA

"Disability Interview was outstanding"


Your interview about Social Security Disability was outstanding. It provided me with the information I needed to obtaining my disability,

Jim Gleason, 
Saratoga Springs,NY

"Proved I'm disabled"


I have spent most of my life in health care and I still found the information helpful in getting my benefits. 

I proved in the second round that I was permanently disabled at 45 years old. 

Dan Cassidy - 
Canyon Lake, California

"Got My Disability On The First Try"


Just wanted you to know i got my disability the first time, thanks for all your support, 

Thanks again, 

Terry Germ
PS: please keep the emails coming, 

"So Much Knowledge"     


The Disability Digest is wonderful. I've learned a lot about Social Security.

Susan Ward-Hardy

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"Your Information Has Helped Me Survive"


These emails are so helpful, I am really struggling financially and your information is helping me find resources that I had no idea I was entitled to. Today I forwarded your email to a wonderful friend of mine who just had his leg amputated. He is new at this and I know your help will be so appreciated and necessary to him. I was terminally ill for four years and your information has helped me survive. It has given me hope and the overall feeling, that someone out there really cares. I cannot thank you enough. 


"Helped Me Tremendously to Prepare"


Aloah Brian,

Thanks for the content and conference calls on Long Term Social Security Disability Insurance

They have helped me tremendously to prepare for disability.


"I would Not Have Been Approved With our Your Information"

My hands are killing me but in short even with my extensive experience in the health care field I would not have been approved on my second appeal without the information you provided to me and with no attorney.

Daniel  Cassidy

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